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Donghae is pretty much gifted he sings and he dances. He's given a unique charm and wit that makes him irresistible. Donghae was gifted, but everyone has his flaws even him. Donghae had this certain allergy…

He's allergic to perfume, which was unfortunate, because he was living in a world filled with different kinds of fragrance – including perfume.

Donghae had been sneezing ever since he arrived in China, making Siwon, Hankyung, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook worried, they know if Donghae's allergy goes out of hand it would lead to a serious situation. But Donghae insisted he was doing fine, he can't do anything if people bathe themselves in perfume. Another reason is that, there's a certain scent that Donghae likes despite the fact that it makes him gasp for air each time he inhales it. Unless he knew where it came from, his hyungs and dongsaeng had to keep his allergy a secret from the others.

Achooo! Donghae sneezed.
Hankyung couldn't take it anymore, he had to do something if he wants to be an effective leader.
"Who's wearing perfume?" Hankyung asked.
The rest, with the exception of Donghae, raised their hands.
"Why hyung?" asked Zhoumi.
"Donghae is allergic to perfume, especially strong ones. If you like strong-scented ones better, then I suggest you use them when Hae's not around."
"Does hyung get adverse reactions if he inhales too much?" a curious Henry asked.
"Yes. He gets nearly anaphylactic shock so if you care for your hyung don't let his allergies rise."
"I promise hyung." Henry smiled and Zhoumi nodded.

No! Donghae thought, not when that addictive scent lingers within this room.

Donghae had been getting close with his new members with the hidden agenda of finding out where that perfume he has become so addictive to come from. And finally, he saw him spraying it all over his body. Donghae wanted to hug him there and then but his body, his nose was still allergic to the scent, he still needs a few more days to get desensitized.

He wanted to tell Hankyung that he's fine but when Siwon placed the back of his hand on his forehead, he knew Hankyung will not consider. Donghae was getting himself a fever and was instructed to take a rest. His schedule was cancelled and was now in bed rest while the others went out. He fell asleep with a sad expression on his face.

Donghae dreamt of his hometown, of his family, the other members of Super Junior which were all found in Korea. He was happy even though it was a dream but it was cut short when he just…
Sneezed… he was awake now.

He opened one of his eyes. A dampened towel was placed over his forehead giving him a cool, comfortable feeling. He saw no one so he went back to sleep. But few seconds later he sneezed again, when he opened his eyes, he saw newly cooked congee sitting at his bedside table. Donghae shifted to his side and closed his eyes again.

Achooo! Donghae sneezed the third time, he didn't bother to see who it was. But the scent, that scent he's grown to love, lingered. Donghae turned to see who it was, with his nose and mouth covered with one hand.
Zhoumi?! Donghae thought when he saw him.
"Did I wake you?" Zhoumi asked, speaking slowly.
He knows Donghae just learned and is still learning Chinese. He leaned forward and grabbed the towel that fell from Donghae's head and dipped it back in the basin.
"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be working?" Donghae asked in mixed Korean and awkward Chinese.
Donghae knew that both Zhoumi and Henry have been taking light Korean lessons too.
"I finished early and I came to see how you're doing."
"Oh. Well I'm alright."
"Sorry Hae."
"'Bout what?"

Zhoumi looked sad and apologetic. He placed both of his hands over Donghae's and looked straight at him in the eyes.
"I made you this way, sorry I never knew of your allergy. You don't feel anything worse than fever?"
"Well, it's not your fault we forgot to tell you and Henry." Donghae lied.
We didn't forget we hid it cause I like smelling you. Donghae thought.

"I forgot again! I think I better go." Zhoumi said as he bolted up from the stool he was sitting. "I prepared congee, eat some so that you'll regain your health. If you need anything I'll be in the living room." Donghae nodded disappointedly but Zhoumi stayed rooted on the floor.
"You can stay." Donghae finally said, while shifting into a sitting position.
"Really?" asked Zhoumi eagerly. Realizing it, he blushed. "Am I that obvious?"
Donghae laughed. "A little besides I like having you around."
"But your allergies, maybe I should shower first so that the smell will wear off." And he began to turn away. Donghae grabbed his wrist and made him take a seat beside him.
"No. Don't wash it off just yet."
Zhoumi looked at him with a confused expression. "But I thought…"
"I am allergic to perfume, but I grow accustomed to them that's why I was able to live through with the other members. Haven't you noticed that I'm not covering my face nor am I sneezing?"

Donghae leaned forward and kissed Zhoumi's lips lightly.
"But it takes months before I'm desensitized with strong fragrances but Zhoumi, you're an exemption. So please stay you don't want to leave too, right?" Zhoumi nodded.
"Can… I kiss…you?" he asked with a blush, Donghae couldn't help but laugh at his innocent request.

He placed both his arms around Zhoumi's neck and pulled him in for his kiss. He wanted these lips too and this scent, this fragrance that he has grown accustomed to, this scent he has become addicted…
Characters: Hae/Mi
Disclaimer: FANFIC. fiction made by a fan's imagination using her fandom.

originally written: Dec. 2009. comments are always love!
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